Szilvia Vörös

Szilvia Vörös

Beauty therapist, beautician

Szilvia works since 1998 as beautician and since 2000 as cellulite therapist. In 2012 graduated as „Wellness manager” so she was adjured to create the outfit and the treatment protocolls of several beauty saloons in Budapest.

Between 2008-2011 she worked as beauty therapist with Kaludia Révész MD dermatologist, at Allure Beauty and Spa.

Since 2010 she works together with the Private Clinic Dermart.

She manages the long term symptomatic treatments of heredited and multifactorial problems.

In 2013 she graduated as „Skin therapist” and in 2014 as „Beauty therapist”.

Her speciality is the treatment of acne and rosacea prone, the regeneration of photo-aged skin as well as body contouring and cellulite treatment.

Speaks: english