Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

Our plastic surgeon, Bernadett Lévay MD offers personal consultation and personalized information about your problems concerning plastic surgery interventions.

Furthermore aesthetic surgery (hyaluronic acid volume replacement, and lip boosting) and skin surgery with histological examination is also available, after a dermatological consultation.

Hyaluronic acid volume replacement

Lip volume building with hyaluronic acid 1 ml

60 000

The volume of the red lip srinks with ageing so tiny lines develop on the white lips, which remain stable after some years. This is due to the constant movement of the perioral muscle and the loss of connective tissue, furthermore bacause of the destructive effect of the UV radiation.

Hyaluronic acid is able to rejuvenate the red-white lip border without necesseraly volume replacement effect, if it is treated in time.

Volume replacement is not always required, but is needed sometimes in avery gentle quantity. Approximately 0.5-1 ml of hyaluronic acid filler is enough to make a nice, natural and young looking effect.

Before the treatment a numbing cream is used to anaesthetise the pain caused by the needle. Hyaluronic acid fillers contains nowadays lidocain, which makes this procedure more comfortable.

It is good to know, that after treatment the lips are swollen for 24-48 hours. This swelling can make some patients lips up to 30% bigger than normal. The final result is seen in two weeks. Before that no correction is done.

We do suggest using solar protection for 14 days following the treatment.