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Blepharoplasty without surgical treatment!

Plexr® new

Dermart Buda is the first in Hungary to offer new, revolutionary Plexr® technology, that will completely change what you think about plastic interventions.

The world's first certified plasma generator able to perform the one and only non-surgical blepharoplasty.

Plexr© is the latest and most advanced tool of dermatology and plastic surgery. Compared to plastic surgery, for a fraction price the same effect can be achieved.

Dermart Buda is the first to offer Plexr© treatment, and now you can try it at an introductory price:
•    1 treatment: instead of 120,000 HUF at an introductory price for 98,500 HUF*
•    2 treatments – for eyes and removing crows feet: instead of 160,000 HUF at an introductory price for 125,000 HUF*
•    3 treatments: instead of 300,000 HUF at an introductory price for 280,000 HUF*

In any case, a medical consultation takes place before treatment, where you will be informed about the required number of treatments in advance.

*Introductory prices are valid for Plexr® treatments started before 31 August 2016

Rely your beauty on professionals, and book now for Plexr® treatment calling +36 20 329 5441 or simply click on the "Appointment" link!